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Roller Bearings
Roller bearings are made up of high-grade mild steel. These are used for supporting pure radial load. Our offerings also allow axial shaft elongation. Roller bearings are accessible in different shapes and sizes. These are widely found in several industrial applications. 
Linear Bearings
Linear bearings find their usage in 3D printers, sliding doors and other machine-tool ways applications. These are also suitable for reducing friction as well as guiding linear motion. Linear bearings can also be used for automation settings. Our products have a robust structure and durability. 
Linear Guide
Linear guides provide high accuracy and high precision capabilities. These are utilized for moving a machine table. Our offerings are best suitable for applications that require high precision. Linear guides move table either in x or y direction. 
Linear Housing and Shaft Block
Linear housings and shaft blocks are needed when sliding motion is required. These are efficient in supporting the load of movement. Our products can be used either in a horizontally or vertically. Linear housing and shaft blocks are highly reliable and durable. 
Roller Chains
Roller chains are applicable for agricultural machineries like tube drawing machines, conveyors, motorcycles, cars, printing presses, bicycles etc. These can also be utilized for industrial and domestic usages. Roller chains are used for transmission of mechanical power. 
Lubricating Bushes
Lubricating bushes reduce noise & vibration and improve efficiency. These are most commonly used for machinery with sliding or rotating shafts. Our products can also be utilized for drilling operations. Lubricating bushes have a strong structure and fine finishing. 
Shaft Coupling
Shaft couplings are designed for connecting drive shaft of a motor. These are ideal for transmitting power. Our products possess excellent flexibility and high tolerance. Shaft couplings have properties like anti-abrasive nature, high strength, robust structure and high-performance efficiency. 
Cam Follower
Cam followers are applicable for conveyors, carrier systems, tool changers, bookbinding machines etc. These products ensure proper valve timing. Our offerings are said to be a vital component of engine management systems. Cam followers have a longer service life, ruggedness and high strength.
Shaft Supporter
Shaft supporters eliminate the need for bolts. These are used for maintaining the position of shaft. The said offerings are mostly found in high precision applications. shaft supporters also reduce the effect of variations. Our products have a compact design and anti-abrasive nature. 
Plain Bearings
Plain bearings find their usage in reciprocating motion, oscillating, rotating and sliding. These product act as bearing strips, slid bearings and wear plates as well. plain bearings are designed in flat and cylindrical shape. Our offerings allow easy installation and require low maintenance. 
Linear Shaft
Linear shafts dictate the precision and shaft size. These are largely used in the applications of lifting load. Our products have a longer service life, corrosion resistance and strong construction. Linear shafts can be found in several industrial and domestic applications. 
Rod End Bearing
Rod end bearings are utilized in applications that require low to moderate misalignment of shaft. Common applications include automotive, military, aerospace etc. Rod end bearings are created for transmitting linkages. These are also found in steering knuckles. Can be availed in different sizes and shapes. 

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